Jennifer Kumer

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m a designer and an abstract mixed-media textile artist based in the Netherlands. In my work, I explore emotions through textures and materials, shapes, and abstract forms. Primarily I use the techniques of punch needle, embroidery, felting, and collage. My work is made up of a variety of natural materials such as wool and cotton but also materials not typically used in traditional fiber art such as recycled sari silk, bedsheets, or clothing garments.

I’m always experimenting with new ways to incorporate natural fibers and yarn from recycled, up-cycled, or sustainably sourced materials in my artworks. The explorative, tactile, and meditative nature of how I work with textile balances out the more solution-oriented, designer side of my brain. My work helps me un-think and actively be with what arisesat the moment. As a result, the themes I explore are often a reflection of the nuances in emotions and the sense of belonging.
You can find my work @jennkumerart.

Residency Experience
The artist residency at Natthagen has truly been a restorative and inspiring experience for me. Trond and Robert do their utmost to ensure that the residents have a lovely time, you could see this in every little detail around the property and their attentiveness. There is art and beauty EVERYWHERE on and around the property and words fail me in describing how rejuvenating it has been for me. I understand why people from all over the country (and the world) come to visit Natthagen! I was blessed to be here in August where there were berries, mushrooms, and flowers all around. Prior to coming, I did not know Natthagen was a museum, cafe, marketplace, and gallery all in one! This gave the place a very welcoming feeling and many ways in which people could have a great time here. I had the chance to have an open studio to interact with locals and enjoy many conversations about art and craft.

The forests here are magnificent and grounding for the mind and soul. I spent many beautiful afternoons were spent on walks picking berries or mushrooms. The place invites you to ‘be’ without expectation or pressure and I deeply appreciated this as I’ve worked hard towards graduating with my Master’s in the month prior to the residency. The residency was exactly what I needed to unwind, reflect and make space for pivoting into a new phase of life.

During my time here, I also got to deepen my connection with my art practice – what it means to me, how I could express myself more honestly, and how to do so in an emotionally-connected way – thanks to the many inspiring discourses I had with Trond. His vast knowledge of art and color theories as well as proficiency in a multitude of mediums makes him a wonderful sparring partner for new creative ideas. In some ways, Trond felt like the creative mentor I always wish I had. Not only did I find new perspectives in reflecting on the work I also found a sense of clarity on what I want to explore further. My experiences with some of the creative exercises he shared with me truly felt like keys that unlocked another dimension in my understanding of what art means to me.

I’ll always look back on my time at Natthagen with fondness and gratitude. I look forward to integrating the insights and inspirations I’ve gained here in the years to come!

Thank you so much Jennifer and welcome back.